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To ensure accountability, I should publicly articulate a goal and a plan for my learning. But where to post such a thing? Rather than let the perfect be the enemy of the good, I will post it here, and move it when it wants moving. My goals should be more specific and the steps in the plan more elaborate; I will have to iterate. Without further ado, then…

Learning Goals for Sean

  • Complete the Duolingo French course, including certificate
  • Consistently expand basic programming, Web, and general computer skills
  • Develop additional interests and skills (personal and professional) in psychology, political science, business, etc., with an eye toward assembling a cohesive custom program

Learning Plan for Sean

  • Duolingo – complete the French course and earn a certificate (daily)
  • Memrise – French vocabulary drill (daily)
  • Codecademy – complete the PHP course (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday)
  • edX – Linux basics (weaved in somewhere)
  • Saylor – two courses at a time (Monday, Wednesday, Friday), from the following list:
    • CS101 Introduction to Computer Science I
    • POLSC211 Introduction to International Relations
    • PHIL102 Logic and Critical Thinking
    • CS102 Introduction to Computer Science II
    • BUS101 Introduction to Business
    • COMM001 Principles Of Human Communication
    • COMM411 Public Relations
    • SOC101 Introduction to Sociology
    • PSYCH101-EXC Introduction to Psychology
    • PRSM107 Crisis Communication
    • SSE101 NASA and Saylor.org’s Survey of Systems Engineering – Part 1

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